Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I stole this post from my husband's blog. But I figure I'm allowed to because I wrote half of it...

Also, my husband is pretty amazing.

Tiffany and I just got back from a great trip to the west coast. I was work ing in Vancouver for a week, and when I was done, Tiffany flew out to meet me and we spent 10 more days in vancouver and seat tle. We had a lot of fun. We spent a few days in down town Vancouver, our hotel had bikes so we rode around the sea wall to Stanley park and Granville Island. We ate good food and drank good coffee and enjoyed being together after a bit of a crazy month.

The rest of the time we spent visiting a branch of our family that we don’t get to see enough. My mom’s sister married my dad’s brother so they’re kind of like second parents and my cousins are like second siblings. We really enjoyed spending time with them and discussing various family traits and skin conditions. They were great hosts, great cooks, great conversationalists (we did talk about more than skin conditions…) and great fun. A big thanks to all of you who generously made room for us in your schedules, in your houses, and in your cars. We had a really great time and we love you all.

p.s. a special thanks to Mikayla for giving up her pretty bed room and also a special apology that we couldn’t get Tiffany to dance for you…

Vancouver Island from kyle thomas on Vimeo.

also, check his flickr to see photos of our trip!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

for Aleksa

a very strange world

but also...
an adorable world.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

i have a show coming up!

mark on your calendars
february 18-21*
sensory life, infinite world
at the u of w theatre
choreographed by jolene bailie
danced by me, mark medrano, claire marshall, freya olafson, tyrell witherspoon, emma rose and sarah helmer
let me know if you'd like tickets or get them at
i'd love to see you there!

also, there's a write up about the show in the new issue of 'dance current' magazine, if you're interested!

*the 18th is a 'preview night' which means it's cheaper and sort of dress rehearsaly - 8:00. 19th and 20th at 8:00, 21st at 4:00

also, my hair is hilarious in that first picture.

aalso. if you're interested, here's a paragraph from jolene's website talking about this work:

Inspired by the seemingly limitless possibilities and co-operative relationships within animal and plant life, Sensory Life, Infinite World, is a glimpse into a conceptual and supportive ecosystem that functions with harmony, co-existence and fluid interchange. The viewer is welcomed into an imagined utopia where life is poetically lived by invented organisms without the framing of our regulated time, the dominant pull of gravity or the constant weight today’s modern society. An invitation to view and appreciate a transformation of the human form as it reveals a pure and intuitive intelligence while accepting a ripple effect felt through embracing relationships and foreign matter.

in other words, it's an imaginative little show. the beginning is like watching an aquarium... or a screen saver. everyone doing their own thing. harmonious. no judgement. happy little animals going about their activities. and then society evolves, i guess... things change. there's the addition of humour, and also of judgement.
i feel like i'm butchering this synopsis because it's hard to explain without it sounding either cliched or vague... but that gives you an idea, at least.

maybe i'll explain more later

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

a quick post about a new internet endeavour
and also about the amazing talents of my husband
check out

Monday, January 25, 2010

for aleksa

aleksa and i made a deal
and euro rail

i can't quite bring myself to join facebook quite yet. i'll have to spend some time getting used to that idea.
and i can't afford euro rail quite yet, either. but i must admit, i am much more excited about that part of the deal than facebook.

so the logical thing to start with is, of course, the blog.
for the first time since march.

i'm at a loss...

i guess i'll just start with this:

i had a lovely weekend... despite warnings of constant snowfall, christie, lindsey, little blue and i trekked out to the cottage for our 4th annual cottage weekend. unfortunately i didn't bring a camera this time but you're probably not missing out on much since we spend most of the weekend having a chick flick marathon. i have to admit. from time to time i like a good chick flick and i've been sorely disappointed in the garbage that gets made these days. so we rented some oldies. when harry met sally. sleepless in seattle. you've got mail. breakfast at tiffany's and some others too but we didn't have time for them all. but it was really quite nice to relax and sit around with good friends. and good food. and delightfully cheesy movies. and caesars, wine and martinis. and of course we squeezed in some dutch blitz. and some wedding planning too (christie's getting married!).
thanks ladies for a lovely weekend.

and stay tuned for future posts
maybe i'll write one about moving
and one about adventures in scarf making
and one about how my husband has a secret blog that he hasn't told people about... (actually, maybe i won't blog about that. i'll just tell you right now. in the news section. go look at his pretty pictures and surprise him with some comments!)
but i'll just start by posting this. i wonder how long it will take for anyone to find it!
i love you all. sorry about being out of touch

Friday, March 27, 2009

perhaps it's lame that my first post in over a month is a movie trailer but...
this made me smile today
it may or may not have also made me cry. don't ask me why. something about those pyjamas...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

well. today i got an email, a face to face complaint and a comment saying that you're all tired of my get well slug.
i still like him.
he's up on our wall.

so here i am to tell you about something new.
something new....


here are the new things of my life:

1. last weekend lindsey and i went on our third annual cottage weekend extravaganza. our attendance was down by about a third but we drowned our sorrows in martinis and ended up having a delightfully good time. we ate delicious things and stayed in our pyjamas almost the whole time and added a couple new elements to our annual festivities:

a. outdoor fitness - we went on a nice long walk on the lake and discovered some fun wintery things such as twigs coated in ice, the sculptural qualities of snow and the delights of hand knitted hats.

b. indoor fitness (we're not normally very active on these weekends)

which brings us to new thing number 2:
after much deliberation and finding some forgotten walmart gift cards from our wedding, kyle and i bought a wii. lindsey and i broke it in with much hula hooping and various other amusing aerobic exercises. including lots of laughing at our ridiculous moves. here's lindsey skiing:

i left out the picture of myself hula hooping in my pyjama pants because it made my bum look really weird...

number 3:
i started dancing again yesterday. my legs are sore.

number 4:
i got 5 old pairs of jeans patched today. it's like i all of a sudden have 5 new pairs of jeans except they're already nicely broken in.

number 5:
kyle and i became wedding photographers last month. it was fun and we got paid in money AND delicious handmade cannelloni.

number 6:
i'm the last of the sisters to post about this but this month was the first month of our newly initiated sister's swap. unfortunately i don't have a picture of what was given to me... aleksa sent beautiful little boxes with chocolate in them, andi made a lovely country-lovin' mixed cd and shared some poems that have been meaningful to her, and tami made a pretty little pendant and a catnip/flax cat heart which petigre loves to rub her face in. and i made these:

hooray for sister swap! love and gratitude to all of you!

that's all i can think of right now...